Can a Custom Brand Identity Increase Conversion?

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Your business may have marketing materials, a logo, and all of the other traditional things a company may need to market themselves to prospective customers. But there are many ways that you can further customize and enhance your business’s unique brand. Profi Solutions specializes in helping businesses design and develop a unique-to-them brand. Of course, the big question is: does having a custom brand identity increase conversion? Let’s take a look at some real-world examples of a custom brand identity – and ways that they increase brand awareness and loyalty.

Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo is an excellent example of an organization that has consistent branding across the board. From their website, to their advertising, to their in-office marketing materials such as posters or signage, they’re always unique and on-brand. Their consistent messaging promotes a sense of relationship building, family, and long-term goals.

Warby Parker

Warby Parker is a trendy, newer company that sells eyeglasses. With such a unique product and business model (they ship glasses to you for a try-on session, then you return the samples and order what you’d like with your prescription) – they need to have a recognizable brand. Luckily, they do. Their color scheme and fonts are all consistent, and their ads very clearly signal their target audience and product.

Museum of Fine Arts Boston

The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston is a prime example of beautiful branding. Their marketing materials are always on-brand, but as their exhibits change they’ve found ways to tweak their marketing to represent both their brand as a museum, as well as their new feature. If you look at your favorite local museum, you’ll likely find the same thing there.

But will amazing branding like this help me convert more clients?

In a word: yes!

Building a brand is, in part, an emotional journey. You’re deciding what your business is all about – what your service model is, the ethics you stand for, and the goals you have. But building a brand is also a marketing process. Although your brand needs to resonate with you, the business owner, it also needs to resonate with incoming clients.

Your brand must be completely unique to you and your business – representative of who you are, what you do, and how you want to make your clients feel. To accomplish this you need consistency and expert design.

How can Profi Solutions help?

Profi Solutions can help you in a number of ways. First, we focus on a wide range of design and development when it comes to creating a unique, consistent brand for our clients. We work with them on everything from website development and launch, to designing small details (like the icons, or social media kit). We know from experience that prospective clients are more likely to convert when you present them with a wide-reaching brand that resonates with them. For examples of how we can help you achieve a consistent brand that communicates your value and converts clients, contact Andy today at or check out our portfolio.


What Does a Custom Website Actually Do for You?

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Many people hear about how a custom designed website can benefit their business because it gives them a professional “look.” Or it solidifies their brand. Or, our personal favorite, “In today’s digital world, you just can’t do business without a website!” Yes, these are good reasons to invest in a website – but we believe it’s about much more than that. We believe that a customized website should truly add value to your business. Here are different (completely tangible!) deliverables that a custom website design can bring to your business:

  1. An Easy Way to Generate Quotes for Prospects

Want to impress a prospective customer? Have a quote generating tool on your website. This is entirely possible, and entirely customizable to reflect your business’s services, pricing, and the deliverables a potential client might be interested in. This eliminates excessive time on the phone with new prospects for you, the business owner. It also frees you up to give a potential customer exactly what they’re looking for and decide to work with you – all with minimal effort on your part!

  1. A Method of Communication

Having an option on your website to put clients and prospects directly in contact with you is a must. Whether it’s a simple contact page, or a full-on inquiry form, they’ll appreciate being able to get ahold of you in one, easy spot. In addition to streamlining basic communication, it also allows for you to be accessible 24/7 for inquiries or applications. Having this level of accessibility opens you up to receiving contact information from clients and prospects even when you’re not technically “working.”

  1. A Direct Message to Both Clients and Prospects

Would you prefer clients call you for a consultation? Would you rather they send you an email to receive more information? With responsive call, email, or chat options, you can direct clients and prospects alike to communicate with you in the exact way that works best for your business. This clears up any confusion, and a clear call to action that makes it easy to get ahold of you will be an excellent way of converting website visitors to paying clients.

  1. A Compelling Marketing Tool

The ability to regularly update your site with different informational downloads, questionnaires for prospects to fill out, or quote calculators makes your businesses infinitely more accessible. It also makes it possible for you to change your website’s functionality depending on the services or specials you’re offering. This will help market your promotions, new products, and more. All without having to invest money in anything other than your customized website. You can also incorporate testimonials into your website – showing your audience exactly how you stand apart from your competition. Additionally, we all know the importance of SEO (search engine optimization). A customized website allows you to update your site to target your niche clients exactly where they are – either by location, industry, or commonly searched terms!

  1. A Way to House Your Client Information

Do you work directly with clients and share information online? Whether you need to integrate a payment center option, or you need a fully functional client portal, your website can provide a convenient place for you and your clients to share information, communicate, and access tools together. This simplifies your life by eliminating multiple software types, CRMs, or other tools and it simplifies the life of your client by making the process of working together that much more streamlined.

While a website’s aesthetic design is important, it’s not nearly as important as the many ways a customized website can simplify your marketing, the way you communicate with clients and prospects, the different tools you can offer to set yourself apart from the competition, and so much more.


5 Ways to Incorporate Infographics In Your Marketing

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Infographics are an excellent tool to use in your business’s marketing. Why? Because they’re an easy way to communicate a lot of important information to your customer base without bogging them down in block-text. The images break up the content, statistics jump out at readers, and they digest the information easier. Most importantly, it sticks with them after they’re done reading your infographic – and you want to stay in your customer’s mind for as long as possible after they check out your website, see your blog post, or go over your social media channels. Here are five different ways you can use infographics in your marketing to make a positive impression:

  1. Use infographics as social media posts.

LinkedIn is the master of using infographics to spice up their company’s social media presence. The information-packed infographics that they put out there about blogging, content marketing, social media strategy, and more stop people in their scroll and force them to slow down, fully comprehending the information that’s being communicated. This not only helps LinkedIn share valuable information on their social platforms – it also helps them to remain in their followers’ thoughts long after they keep scrolling to the next post.

  1. Incorporate infographics into your company’s blog.

A blog is an excellent way to communicate information to your customers and add value to your business. But in today’s visual world, many people only skim a post or will read through part of it before leaving the web page. An infographic incorporated into the body of your blog post is a good way for you to summarize what you’re saying in the body of your blog post and make sure your customers remember the message you’re conveying.

  1. Use them as part of a presentation.

Have a big presentation coming up? Use infographics as part of your presentation strategy! Words on a power point can be ignored, and if your audience is even a little bit distracted they may forget what you’re saying. Incorporate a brightly colored, high-impact infographic in your presentation – either as part of the meeting agenda you’re handing out or as part of your slide show. Check out this infographic that we designed. It grabs a reader’s attention, communicates valuable information, and focuses on important statistics.


  1. Infographics make wonderful marketing materials (brochures, handouts, etc.)

Are you looking to create an attention-grabbing brochure? Or maybe you want someone to pick up your handouts at your front desk? People naturally want to learn information when it’s presented to them. Make it easy by creating brochures, handouts, and other marketing materials that have infographics that fly off the page!


  1. Make your waiting-room posters interesting.

Steer clear of stereotypical motivational quotes or stock photos to decorate your office or waiting room space. Instead, create custom infographics that communicate your value and services to your customers before they even start their meeting with you!




5 Benefits of a Customized Website

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Your business and your mission are unique. Your loyal customer-base already knows this, but you need to extend your reach beyond them to gain new customers and people who loyally follow your business. There are several ways to do this from a marketing prospective, and many kinds of tools you can use to reach people who will absolutely love the work you do. The most obvious of these is a website. But in today’s day and age, where every business has an online presence, it’s important that yours stands out. Unique website design and development that matches how your business is unique is what Profi Solutions specializes in. We believe that a website should capture the essence of your business, showcase your mission, and grow your customer base by facilitating excellent conversion. Need some inspiration for your business’s site? Here are five benefits to having a unique website design, and ways that real-world companies have capitalized on them.

  1. You can be as visually unique as you want.

No matter the style you’re going for, your business website can be as visually unique as you want it to be. We love how Bon Bon Bon does this. They’re a small Bon Bon shop in Detroit, Michigan, but their website’s visual aesthetic packs a punch with vibrant images and bold fonts.

  1. You can utilize your online space to highlight list building tools.

If your business depends on a social following, you’re no stranger to list building. Whether you have a free giveaway (a white paper, free download, or checklist) or you want people to sign up for a VIP Facebook group you manage – you can use your online space to promote these things and grow your base of followers. Carrie Smith Nicholson of Careful Cents does this by promoting her downloads, Facebook VIP Club, and newsletter both in highlighted sections of her homepage and her menu bar.

  1. Your site can be as flexible as your seasonal business needs it to be.

If you work in retail or any type of seasonal business, you know the important of themed sales and events. ThredUP, an online thrift store, changes their site’s design regularly to reflect the season and promote products that might be popular for their buyers depending on the weather. They have a unique “polka-dot” themed aesthetic, though, that never changes in the background which helps them to keep their branding consistent despite the showcasing of changing seasons and promotions.

  1. You can step out from the crowd.

Your website doesn’t have to be cookie cutter. If you look at other websites of businesses and professionals in your industry and aren’t inspired – don’t worry! You can have something designed that uniquely captures your company. For example, YLaw Group is a law firm in Canada. When you think “law firm” you don’t usually think of bold fonts, responsive web themes, or catchy taglines. But they’ve stepped out of the box on their website design – and it’s helping them get noticed over their competition!

  1. You can put your other marketing tools – like videos – to work.

Most businesses have accumulated a variety of marketing tools over the years, and you’re likely no different. But how often do you put those marketing tools to work? You can use your website to dust them off and showcase some, or all, of them. The Dollar Shave Club has one of their advertisement videos front and center on their home page. It’s interactive and memorable, and is likely bringing them in clients hand over fist.

5 Keys to Social Media Design Success

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You may view social media as a tool to gain new clients or reach your current customer base through regular updates and posts. While having a solid posting strategy is a key to using social media effectively, you can also improve your following through graphic design. Your social media design consists of several key factors – your business’s logo, your company’s page banners, any advertisements you may run, branded content graphics, and more. By focusing some energy into creating the perfect social media design kit for your business, you’re working to create a brand your customers will continue to engage with and return to loyally. Here are five keys to consider when working towards social media design success:

  1. Design Shouldn’t be Static

If it’s been ages since you’ve redesigned your logo or your social media page banners, it may be time to do a design facelift. Your social media kit shouldn’t remain static. Page banners and logos can be changed and swapped out to reflect changes in your business, promotions you may be running, and more. Take Netflix’s ever-changing Twitter banner, for example. They use their profiles to promote recent shows and features.

  1. Change with the Seasons

Speaking of not remaining static, don’t be afraid to have seasonal design kits for changing seasons or holidays. Even Google, the legendary logo-changing search engine, updates their social media banners and logos to reflect seasonal changes.

  1. Shake Up Your Logo

Are you running a promotion? Think about how you can use your logo design to reflect not only changes in your business’s core structure, but even small, everyday changes. The Walking Dead, AMC’s hit TV show, does a phenomenal job of this. The show, for those of you who don’t know of it, revolves around a post-epidemic world where zombies roam the streets. Each season, AMC changes the logo to decay slightly more. You can see the changes here.

  1. Get Creative with Advertisements

Don’t let your social media design kit stop short at your profile icons! Fresh, updated graphics for banner advertisements can go a long way. Keep things relevant. Focus your ad on a recently released film, like Campbell’s did with their Star Wars soup. Or keep things simple like McDonald’s did and allow your brand’s product to stand alone without copy. Regardless of the design you pick, make sure thought is going into it.

  1. Create Custom Social Media Post Graphics

Whether you have a graphic that accompanies a tweet about a new blog post, or you’ve got something specific for a changing motivational quote you share every Monday on Facebook, regularly using custom designed graphics increases your brand recognition and gives your audience something to appreciate and look forward to.

At Profi Solutions, we create custom branded social media kits that can be updated seasonally or when your business runs a new promotion. We know your online presence is important in this digital age, and we want to create a custom social media design solution that meets your business’s unique needs. Contact Andy today for more information at